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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I love when there's a full moon and my backyard is all aglow at night.
It's especially pretty with the snow.  
I often do double-takes walking by my window.  Before my D3200 I would only dream of being able to capture such a photo.

I used my "new to me" tripod for the first time.

It took me many shots playing in manual mode to capture what I was seeing with the naked eye.  Sadly I haven't had much practice time since taking that course last August.  I have forgotten some of what I've learned and still don't know how to use my camera really well.  I look forward to that day!  {In fact, I can't remember if I was in manual mode or S priority at this point!}

Practice shots... under and over exposed galore...

After some tweaking and not fully knowing what I was doing... This is as close as I could get!  I almost cheered!  

f/9.  1 sec.  ISO-6400.  24mm {kit lens}

I really need to study and play more because this was taken after many adjustments, not a knowledge of where I should start.  My camera wouldn't even take a picture because it said it was too dark... that was until I pushed the AE-L button {but I don't even fully understand what that does, just random luck}.  But it was clear that it allowed me to take the picture.  
Where is that user manual.... ?

Photographers... what settings would you start on to capture such a photo?  

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