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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Learning about light and exposure

I love my photography course!  I'm continuing to learn what makes a great photo but each day I realize how much MORE I have to learn!  {And how much more equipment I wanna buy!!  Yikes!}  I grasp the concept of light, but then need to add aperture. Then I realize shutter speed plays a huge part and never mind ISO which we haven't gotten to yet!  It's been a blast and the online Facebook group has been so fun to be a part of!  We share our photos and get feedback and then we can see other students' photos to help us grasp new concepts too!  

So here are some of my practice shots from this week.  Not perfect but I'm learning!

We talked about light outdoors....  And reflectors.

And indoors... Getting that sparkle in the eyes aka catchlights.

And then we moved on to exposure stuff.
Look at my blurred background... {bokeh - I'm so fancy!}  
Oooooo I'm learning!

My most cooperative model got a bug bite under his eye Friday night.  Poor guy.  Hopefully it clears up soon so I can practice more and get some more cute pics!!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

3 days and learning much!

So far so good!  I am really enjoying my photography class over at Shultz Photo School!  We're on day 3 today and I've already learned about composition and lighting.  He really packs a lot into a lesson and speaks in a way that is soooo clear and makes sense to me!  He uses videos AND writes it out.  Sooo glad I signed up!!

I might have thought I had an eye for framing a shot but a lot of times it was one photo out of many and it was luck!  Now I know some fun rules that really help make a photo work.

Composing a picture using better angles, rules of third and leading lines are really new concepts for me.  Today I practiced on my friend's pup who we're watching for two weeks.

Here he is in my garden.
Used rules of third to compose the shot and leading lines work here too. {If you know what that means!}
Nevermind my overgrown, not-so-cared-for garden!

And here is pup staring down his ball hoping I'll throw it to him.
I used a different perspective than just straight on to add a bit of drama.
Love it!  {Even if it could have been framed out a bit better... I am learning!}

So that's the lastest!  So excited to learn photography speak and technique FINALLY!

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