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Friday, January 3, 2014

A new year and a new camera

I have had my little faithful point and shoot camera for FIVE years!  That is a long time to have a camera these days, especially for someone who takes a bazillion pictures like me!  I have priced out DSLRs and waited patiently for a couple years.  In fact, I started this blog last November thinking my days with a DSLR were just around the corner.  Nope.  Did some other things with my moula and had to rebuild my savings.  

I originally wanted a Nikon D5100.
But the D5100 was already replaced with the D5200.
And the D5200 was definitely beyond my price point.  
The newer D3200 appeared on sale, dipping into the price point I was interested in!
So I compared.

Source Snapsort
Definitely comparable.
The big difference for me was the lack of the swivel screen but something I could live without.
Then along came Black Friday.  
The sweet deal I was watching like a hawk.  
*click click click* SUBMIT!  
This baby was MINE!

Introducing, my first DSLR, the Nikon D3200.

{photo taken with my not as crisp cell phone camera}
Next up... how to use it, and all that jazz!


  1. Congratulations on the camera! I received my dream camera last year for xmas, Canon 60D. Unfortunately it has never come off the automatic mode. I hope to change that in 2014! Shaunna

  2. Still cannot believe you went with a Nikon!

  3. Shaunna, the 60D has a button in the middle that you have to push down to turn to the other modes. I recommend starting witht he 'P'. It's close to automatic except you can pick your own focal point. 60D is a nice camera.


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