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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Photos to share

Continuing with the photo challenge, here are some new photos!

Here are some cute snowman coasters that my mother got me years ago.  I love how they nestle in between the snowmen in the front and the trees.  

 I took so many pictures trying to get a good one of the light in my dining room.  I played around with so many settings, realizing I have no idea how to use my camera or what I even it would need to set even if I knew how!  Must get my butt on YouTube and watch some tutorials this week if time allows!

My bamboo plant

My dark curtains in my kitchen.  

My children's open box of crayons with a few impostors!

My son does the cutest art projects at preschool. 

Thank you for taking a look!  Any tips always welcome!!  Or links to your favorite online resources!

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